Automatic climbing formwork

The climbing frame is suitable for the main body of the building above 45 meters, and can be applied to the main body of various structures. It adopts an all-steel structure as a whole, with integrated equipment, low construction and high use, fully enclosed protection, professional safety equipment, no fire hazards, etc.


With the construction climbing frame, not only there are fewer safety accidents, but more importantly, your steel investment is reduced, which is equivalent to less loss of green protective nets.
Only need to press a button to achieve the climbing frame ascending completely automatically. It only takes a few workers to achieve it, and you no longer have to worry about the coordination of workers.


How to shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost under the premise of ensuring safety and quality has always been a topic that construction units cannot avoid. With the development of technology, the introduction of intelligent automatic climbing system has not only solved the large amount of traditional steel pipe scaffolding materials. , The erection period is long, and many hidden safety hazards are avoided. With its good safety, economy and convenience, it has a place in the construction of high-rise buildings. It is a kind of external protective scaffolding with great promotion value.
Advantages of using automatic climbing system:
Factory prefabricated production, standardized equipment, sustainable use in one assembly, less material consumption and low loss.
The lifting frame body of the electric hoist is controlled by remote control, and the automatic control system has a small number of operators, which is convenient and fast. It only takes 20-30 minutes to climb one floor and has high safety.


Civilization Construction
After the assembly is completed, no material stacking site is needed, and the entire building facade is fresh and clean.
Inspection and maintenance
The inspection and maintenance workload is small, and it takes less time.


Economic benefit
According to the local price, converted into building area, the usage fee in this project is USD10/㎡.