Formwork Solutions

SW20 Beam Formwork

★Customized Timber Beam Concrete Formwork For Vertical Structures In Construction, Water Conservancy, Electric Bridges, And Other Projects.
★Widely Used For All Sizes And Shapes Walls. Efficient Formwork With Flexible Independent Components.
★ High-Quality Fair-Faced Concrete Finishing By High-Quality Plywood, Beams, And Components.



SP600 Plastic Formwork

★ Made by ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

★ Recognized as the Lightest Formwork

★ Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

★ No Crane Assistance Working


SA635 Aluminum Formwork

★ No Skilled Labour Required For Formwork System

★ No Heavy Equipments Required For Formwork System

★ One Pouring For All Column & Wall, Beam & Slab

★ No Crane Assistance Working Form Staircase With Accurate Dimensions For Riser And Thread


SP200 Shoring Frame System

★Heavy-Duty Shoring With 90KN Load Capacity

★Widely Used in most construction Applications with Various forming

★Easy, safe to Use, And Compatible With a Full Range Of Beams

★Robust Capacity To Handle Extreme JobSite Conditions