The Hoistway Engineering

We care about the hoistway engineering and take pride in serving this project through our core tech and engineers. We have a record-breaking amount of hoistway projects year by year, and we can help you as well.

Keep Safety

All our starting point is to make this thing an absolute commitment to safety, which is the core of all construction.

Good Quality

All Sampmax products are authorized and certified to ensure that customers are absolutely assured of quality.

High Efficiency

Continuous innovation and R&D of new materials provide customers with the most economical and efficient solutions.

Are you in need of professional hoistway solutions?

We provide hoistway working decks, hoistway protection platforms, self-climbing elevator shaft formwork, and lifting elevator shaft formwork.


Hoistway Formworks


Hoistway Safety Platform


Hoistway Working Deck


★ Easy to Use, Safety for Elevator Working

★ Capacity Load up to 1.2/3.0/5.0tons

★ Triangular Structure with Stable Platform

Why Us?

Sampmax concerns our partners very much. We understood exactly what start cooperation was suffering from, but the entirely long term should benefit both parties.

Good team make perfect products, will help customer saving cost and do good job!

“This is a product that pays attention to details and can bring absolute guarantee to elevator shaft construction. It has clear market segments and provides real protection and benefits for elevator construction..”

― Davi