Film Face Plywood Manufacturer in China


Film-faced plywood is also called formwork plywood and concrete formwork plywood. 

In this article we mainly introduce several main film-faced plywoods manufactured by Sampmax and the application of plywood of these specifications in the market:

  • Polypropylene (PP) plastic plywood

PP coated plastic plywood is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant 0.5mm thick polypropylene (PP) plastic. The sides are coated and glued to the inner plywood core. These plywoods that can be reused up to 30-50 times come in three sizes: 915x1830mm (3’x6’), 1220x2440mm (4’x8’), and 1250x2500mm. The veneers use poplar, eucalyptus, composite core, etc., and provides four basic thicknesses-12 mm (1/2 inch), 15 mm (3/5 inch), 18 mm (3/4 inch), 21 mm (7/ 8 inches), and so on. The emergence of this kind of plywood has greatly increased the number of reuses. At present, we have many customers purchasing in large quantities, and the market feedback is very good.
We can provide customers with different colors of PP plastic film: green, yellow, red and so on.

  • Phenolic resin film faced plywood

The main component of the film paper of traditional film-covered plywood is amino resin (mainly melamine resin) or phenolic resin, impregnated paper dried to a certain degree of curing. Different from melamine veneer, PVC, MDO (MDO plywood), HDO (HDO plywood). The film paper attached to the surface of the building formwork has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and compression resistance. The surface is flat, smooth, and easy to use, thereby avoiding secondary plastering and greatly shortening the construction period. This kind of coated panel is widely used in shear walls, dams, tunnels, etc.

The specifications of this laminate:

(1) Color: brown, black, or other
The most common film is the brown film and black film. In China, the price of brown film faced plywood is generally higher than that of black film-faced plywood. However, not all brown films are used more often than black films. Some black film-faced plywood has the same quality as brown film-faced plywood.

(2) Film quality:
In China, films are divided into two specifications: local film and imported film. The local film refers to movies produced by Chinese companies. Imported films refer to films produced by foreign companies such as Dynea.

(3) Core material: poplar, hardwood, eucalyptus, birch
70% of the film plywood we sell is poplar film plywood with high quality and competitive price. If you need hardwood laminated plywood, we will use hardwood or eucalyptus veneer. If you want to build bridges or high-rise building membrane plywood, you can choose hardwood film-faced plywood, which, as the name suggests, is very hard. We also provide birch film veneer plywood, which is also very hard and durable.

(4) Glue: MR glue, WBP (melamine), WBP (phenolic)

(5) Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm or 4′ x 8′, standard size, large size, large size, special size

(6) Thickness: 12mm-21mm (12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm)

  • Some application scenarios of plywood

(1) Construction industry: formwork membrane plywood, concrete formwork, formwork concrete formwork, formwork plywood

Film plywood is mainly used in construction. Therefore, film-faced plywood is also called shuttering film-faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form. Because of this end-use, customers usually need WBP plywood, which is more suitable for use as formwork for large projects. However, some customers requested that MR film plywood be used as formwork for common projects.


(2) Anti-slip film plywood: floor material for construction vehicles and working platforms.

According to the type of front and back, film plywood can be divided into smooth film plywood and non-slip film plywood. Anti-slip film plywood is commonly used as a flooring material for vehicles, trucks, and platforms.

anti-slip plywood

(3) Film-coated plywood can also be used for shelves and furniture.

Compared with veneer plywood, film plywood is more durable and has a more wear-resistant surface. Therefore, it can be used to make durable furniture and shelves.

black ply kitchen