Sampmax Construction Cases Studies 2020

2020 will be an extraordinary year for the global construction industry. The construction industry has the characteristics of labor-intensive, many open-air operations, and shifting of production sites along with construction projects. Compared with traditional manufacturing, standardized management is more difficult, and the conditions for epidemic prevention and control are more complicated.
Affected by factors such as the suspension of construction for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the slow rework of construction workers, the pace of construction projects for Sampmax Construction customers was also forced to slow down. But we still have some new cases in 2020.

Case One
Kene Center is a project which located in Yangzhou city, China. The elevation of the top surface of the main structure is 300 meters, and the building floors above ground are 72 layers. It contains the Bank, offices, conference, hotels and auxiliary facilitates. Steel reinforced concrete tube structure with peripheral wall by 1300 ㎜ change to 350 ㎜, 100 ㎜ biggest change. Structural height is 4150 ㎜, and various non-standard layer.


Case Two
Queen Peak of the pink project, Singapore is Singapore's first using the integrated climb construction of the project, the project itself aluminum template construction, item difficulty is the balcony all roundness hu, sealing of the integrated climbing itself is a big challenge, the company through excessive flap and overall flap for climbing scaffold platform, normal after construction project effect is remarkable, social influence is bigger.

Structure Plan


In modern building construction, formwork and scaffolding play an important role. The quality of formwork and scaffolding products is directly related to project quality and construction safety. Formwork and scaffolding are an important part of the construction industry. The progress of the climbing formwork industry has promoted the development of the construction industry and the logistics industry, and has achieved obvious self- and social benefits. At present, our company pays great attention to quality control while providing climbing formwork.

All Sampmax Construction climbing formwork is strictly inspected and certified. In 2021, we will adhere to the safety first principle and provide safer products for the industry.