Chengdu, Sichuan, 15th, Sep. 2023 - In a daring escapade amidst the rugged terrains and high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau, Sampmax, a multinational corporation specializing in the sales of construction materials, embarked on an exhilarating team-building expedition. Venturing from the bustling city of Chengdu at an elevation of 540 meters, the team made their way to the scenic landscapes of Kangding, initiating a remarkable journey to embrace the lofty heights and nature's raw beauty.


The enthralling journey commenced with a 5-kilometer hike from Kangding to the breathtaking Gexi Grasslands, situated at an altitude of 3600 meters. Here, the team absorbed the pristine air and surreal views, setting the stage for what would be an extraordinary adventure over the next six days.

The second day tested the endurance and resilience of the team as they trekked 17 kilometers to reach the serene Riwuqie Campsite at an altitude of 4300 meters. Surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and pristine landscapes, the team found solace in the breathtaking beauty of the Tibetan plateau.


Day three marked a pivotal point in the expedition, as the team conquered a challenging 4900-meter-high mountain pass, showcasing their determination and unity. Undeterred by the altitude, they pressed forward, demonstrating their unyielding spirit to overcome any obstacle that came their way.

The six-day adventure culminated in an impressive total trek of 77 kilometers, a testament to the dedication and teamwork of Sampmax. This journey not only strengthened the team bonds but also served as a metaphorical reflection of the company's commitment to scaling new heights in the business world.

Through this remarkable expedition, Sampmax reaffirms its dedication to excellence, determination, and the pursuit of success. The team's triumph over the formidable challenges of the Tibetan Plateau embodies the spirit of the company's motto - "Reaching New Pinnacles, Together."


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