“Wooden formwork + steel props”=the most popular formwork and support system currently


In the current construction formwork project, the application of wooded formwork is still mainstream. However, the use of steel props (complete steel props or steel square crossbar, etc.) instead of traditional wooden H20 beams as the formwork reinforcement system for the main and secondary back corrugations of the formwork has been more and more favored by construction units because this process brings economic benefits.

And social benefits:

  • Safe and reliable: The steel supporting keel is more rigid and less deformed than the wooden beam keel, and the reinforcement is stable and reliable;
  • Guarantee quality: The size of the steel props section is consistent, the construction error is controllable, and the component shape is better;
  • Reduce costs: There are many turnovers of steel props, low amortization costs, and significant benefits;
  • Easy construction: The steel support is light in weight, small in size, easy to handle, convenient in turnover and transportation;
  • Fast construction: Standardized and modular steel supporting components, simple accessories, strong applicability, uniform specifications, stereotyped connection, simplicity and reliable, and quick installation;
  • Wide applicability: Suitable for reinforcement of shear walls, frame columns, beams, and floor slab formwork;
  • Construction civilization: No processing on-site, no sawdust pollution, manual cleaning, and stacking are convenient;
  • Green: Save wood, protect forest resources, and steel support has high value for recycling and recycling.

Project completion effect: