Telescopic elevator hoistway protection platform

The telescopic claw arm elevator shaft protection platform can cover the hoistway size requirements of 2.0 meters to 2.3 meters on the market.

The FHPT (2300-2600).0 model platform can cover the hoistway size requirements of 2.3 meters to 2.6 meters on the market.

The installation angles of all hoistways in the two ranges are θ=15°~17°, and the structural load-bearing and stability are better within this angle range.

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The Sampmax elevator shaft protection platform is mainly used in the protection and construction of the elevator shaft of residential buildings and frame buildings and climbs layer by layer through the electric control system. Not only can it be used as a protective platform, but it can also provide workers with up and down channels. Compared with the traditional elevator shaft protection construction technology, safety is greatly improved.


Structural features:

(1) Easy disassembly and assembly, short time-consuming, and lightweight: the weight of the split assembly structure is about 88kg, and each subassembly is less than 10kg on average. The measured installation time is about 3 minutes, and the disassembly time is about 2 minutes, with high efficiency.

(2) Large bearing capacity and strong stability: the main beam adopts a double-row I-beam structure (with lightning protection holes on the side), which not only reduces the weight but also ensures strength. Bearing more than 1200kg (on-site measurement).

(3) Intelligent adjustment: The fixed frame is a porous structure, and the width between the two main beams can be adjusted according to the width of the door opening to achieve the best stable position. The telescopic claw arm can lengthen the length of the main beam according to the hoistway size, and realize the bidirectional adjustment of the length and width of the main beam.

(4) Strong versatility: FHPT (2000-2300).0 and FHPT (2300-2600).0 two specifications can meet the requirements of 2.0m~2.6m well.

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