Hot-dip galvanized steel plank for scaffolding jobsite

Name: Steel Scaffolding Plank with Hook/without Hook Length: 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/3500/4000/4500mm Width: 210/225/228/230/240/250/300mm Thickness: 38/45/50/60/63mm Material: Q235 Steel Surface Treatment: Galvanized Wall thickness: 1.0mm-2.2mm Customized: Available

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Sampmax Construction is a manufacturer of steel planks, hot-dip galvanized steel walk boards, marine steel walk boards, and construction steel walk boards. After several years of development, it has introduced several advanced automated production lines. The hole spacing is neat and standardized, and the appearance is beautiful. Two grooves are equipped in the middle of the walk board, which increases the compressive strength of the steel walk board. Restore the original shape, make the steel springboard not easy to be deformed, anti-skid, anti-sand, fire prevention, and high repeated use rate.
For many years, we have been equipped to produce steel walk boards of various specifications, specifications and models include 210x45, 240x45 (closed, ordinary), 240x55, 240x65, 250x50, 300x55, 300x65, and have long been committed to manufacturing galvanized steel walk boards and Research on construction steel walk board.


Sampmax Construction steel plank has a high recovery rate, a long service life, easy installation and disassembly, and it can still pay the garbage disposal fee after it is scrapped.

The unique row of convex holes in the steel plank can not only reduce its own weight, but also prevent slippage and deformation. The I-shaped depiction on both sides increases the fastness and strength, prevents sand accumulation, and makes its appearance beautiful and durable.
The unique shape of the steel plank makes it easier to tie up and install, and it is stacked neatly during leisure time.
The steel plank material is made of carbon steel cold processed, and the service life is greatly prolonged through the hot-dip galvanizing technology.


Sampmax Construction steel plank mainly has the following advantages:

1. Fireproof, non-slip, and corrosion-resistant.
2. The surface is hot-dip galvanized, and the appearance is beautiful.
3. Strong bearing capacity; the design of flat brace, square brace, and the trapezoidal brace can increase the supporting force of the springboard in turn; the unique side box design perfectly covers the C-shaped steel section of the springboard, and at the same time enhances the anti-deformation ability, the 500mm middle support spacing can effectively improve the anti-deformation resistance of the springboard ability.

Length in Imperial Sizes in Metric Lbs   Specifications:
3'-10' 0.91-3.05m 18.2-49   210*1.2*1M/2M/3M/4M
Width Height Thickness of material 210*1.5*1M/2M/3M/4M
16–50 cm 38–63.5 mm 1.2–2.2 mm   240*1.2*1M/2M/3M/4M
Technology Standard     240*1.5*1M/2M/3M/4M
Punching | Welding GB/T 700–2006, DB11/t 583–2015   250*1.2*1M/2M/3M/4M

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