Casting Form-Tie Nut with Different Types

The template tie rod nut is a common accessory of the building template, and the casting process is usually used.

Both cold-rolled tie rods and hot-rolled tie rods made of cast iron materials can reach a high tensile strength of 180KN.

There are different type of tie nut, for example, wing nut, anchor nut, hex nut, and butterfly nut, etc.

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Concrete tie rods are used to tie the inner and outer formwork of the formwork system to bear the lateral pressure of the concrete and other loads to ensure that the distance between the inner and outer sides of the concrete wall can meet the architectural design requirements.

Meanwhile, the tie nuts are a very important part of the tie rod system, there are many types of nuts, we are a manufacturer of tie nuts. 

Sampmax Tie Rod Bar-Nut

Formwork Tie Nut

Tie Nut types  Wing Nut Anchor Tie Nut  Swivel Tie Nut  Iron Hex Nut Steel Hex Nut
Pictures  Sampmax-Construction-wing-nut  Sampmax-Construction-anchor-tie-nut  Sampmax-Construction-swivel-tie-nut  Sampmax-Construction-Iron-Hex-nut Sampmax-Construction-steel-hex-nut
Material Ductile casted iron QT450-10 45# steel 
Matched Tie Rod  10/12mm, 15/17mm ,20/22mm tie rods
Weight(kg) 0.175/0.25/0.3/0
.61 etc.
6/0.65/1 etc.
0.19/0.34etc. 0.21/0.021etc
Finish  Natural, Electric galvanized, HDG
Color  Original self-color, Silver, Golden
Craft Ductile Cast iron Casted Steel
Heat Treatment As per customer’s requirements
Strength(KN)  140-150 160 170 160 160

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