Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented strand board (OSB) is a widely used multifunctional structural wood board.
OSB is strong and dimensionally stable, and can resist deflection, delamination and warping;
Can resist tilt and shape deformation.
The OSB panel is lightweight and easy to handle and install.

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Sampmax Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a multifunctional structural plank.

The surface layer of OSB is arranged longitudinally, and the core layer is arranged horizontally.

Because the OSB has a directional structure inside, with no joints, no gaps, or cracks, the overall uniformity is good, and the internal bonding strength is extremely high, so both the center and the edges have super nail-holding ability.


Compared with plywood, medium-density fiberboard and blockboard, Sampmax OSB are linear expansion coefficient, good stability, uniform material, and higher screw-holding power.
It can be processed like wood by sawing, sanding, planing, drilling, nailing, filing, etc. It is a good material for building structure, interior decoration and furniture manufacturing.


OSB is a formaldehyde-free release material that can be mainly used for floors, walls, and roofs, I-beams, structural isolation panels, packaging boxes, cargo pallets and storage boxes, commodity shelves, industrial desktops, Hardwood floor cores, air baffles and guardrails, decorative wall panels, precast concrete molding, container floors, bowling alleys, etc.

Features of the OSB

Materials: Pine, E0, PMDI,  Pine, E0, Log slicing Hardwood, E0, WBP, OSB3, waterproof E0,Ordinary pine, pine surface mixed wood core
Features: SEN Grade, White and yellow beautiful, the waterproof level is suitable for indoor decoration, suitable for wooden structure, and can be used as a furniture board lining board that requires waterproofing Environmental protection E0 structure, high strength, can replace logging board, packaging board, sofa board, multi-layer plywood, wooden house structure wall board, roof board, floor. The structure is strong. Environmental protection E0 structure, high strength, American CARB certification, water-proof grade 48H in water, suitable for wooden house structure house, light steel structure house, prefabricated building, furniture lining board. Cheap, low structural strength, high cost performance, it can replace logging boards, packaging boards, sofa boards, multi-layer plywood, wooden house structure wall panels, roof panels, and floors.
Sizes: 1220x2440x9mm 1220x2440x12mm 1220x2440x15mm 1220x2440x18mm
 1. Export Packing with bags+crates packing.

2. Customized size and thickness are available.



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