Automatic Climbing Elevator Shaft Formwork

Automatic climbing, no need for manual disassembly and assembly.
Remote control, save time.
High efficiency, improve construction period.

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The automatic climbing elevator hoistway formwork is evolved from the lifting type. The product comes with a climbing machine, and the entire system can be climbed layer by layer without a tower crane.

The four corner columns are equipped with motors, and the corner column screws are electrically adjusted to achieve the contraction and enlargement of the entire system. Reset, use the remote control to complete the operation of the whole process, so that the elevator shaft construction becomes integrated, mechanized, and intelligent.

The climbing machine is composed of a click, a turbo worm gear reducer, gears, racks, working load-bearing beams, climbing support beams, construction platforms, and guide frames. It mainly bears and transmits vertical loads and provides power for the overall climbing formwork.

Technological innovation points:

Innovatively designed a cylindrical frame retractable reset structure. A specially developed special aluminum formwork is used as the framework of the shrinkage mechanism, the aluminum formwork is connected in the middle, and the joint part is a customized connector.

The shrinkage and enlargement of the entire formwork system can be realized by adjusting the four-corner column screw, so as to achieve molding and mold support.

Quick response, meeting the requirements of product strength, structural performance, and construction convenience.


Concrete finished effect:


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