H20 Aluminum Beam for building formwork system

Used as a support member in slab and beam formwork, it can act as a primary (working as a ledger) a secondary (working as a joist), or both. Used as a secondary member (working as a stud vertically or horizontally) in the wall form application. It can also be used with plywood topping to replace timber planks to provide a working platform on the construction site.

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Aluminum Beam is a safer and more durable beam than other beams. The service life can be up to 30 years. Another feature of the aluminum beam is light weight, simple operation and convenient use, and it also has the characteristics of not easy to rust. Sampmax Aluminum Beams are available in lengths from 10 to 22 feet (3.00 to 6.71 m). Heights vary from 114mm to 225mm.

Aluminum beam-3
Aluminum beam-6

• Higher strength than steel and lighter weight than steel.

• Compatible with most formwork systems and can be used with any concrete placement system.

• Fastened with screws using standard nail strips for easy removal and replacement.

Aluminum beam-11
Aluminum beam-12

Material: 6005-T5 / Top Width:81mm

Bottom Width:127mm / Height:165mm

Weight: 4.5kg/mts

Allowable Bending Moment Data
Allowable Bending Moment 9.48KN-M
Allowable Interior Reaction 60.50KN
Allowable Shear 36.66KN
Allowable End Reaction 30.53KN


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