The proportion of several plastic formwork used in construction projects


The plastic formwork has a perfect fair-faced concrete effect, is smooth and clean, beautiful and light, easy to demold, no mold release agent, high turnover times, and low economic cost. The hollow plastic template series can be sawed, cut, drilled, nailed, and can be formed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of various shapes of building support. The structure of the new hollow plastic template is more reasonable, and the flame retardant material, anti-aging agent and other additives are added. more stable. The glass fiber reinforced ribbed plastic template series have high strength, high degree of tooling, fewer components, and the combination of male and female angles has advantages. It can be pre-made into various types.

Plastic formwork is widely used in housing construction, sports facilities and large public buildings, infrastructure, railways, highways, bridges, comprehensive pipe corridors and other engineering fields. At present, the proportion of plastic formwork in the template industry market is only 5%-7%, and the future market space is huge.


There are currently three types of plastic formwork on the market, Flat plastic formwork, One-way ribbed plastic formwork, and Two-way ribbed plastic formwork. We conducted the following investigation based on the construction situation in China and found that:

A. Application in residential and high-rise office buildings: plastic slabs account for about 60% (of which foamed slabs account for 45%, ribbed plastic slabs account for 5%, and hollow plastic slabs account for 10%); unidirectional ribbed plastic formwork accounts for about 15%. Two-way ribbed plastic template accounts for about 25%.


B. Application in public construction projects; plastic slabs account for about 20% (mainly hollow slabs); one-way ribbed formwork accounts for about 20%; two-way ribbed formwork accounts for about 60%


C. Application in municipal engineering: plastic slabs account for about 10%, one-way ribbed formwork accounts for about 15%, and two-way ribbed formwork accounts for about 75%


D. Application in highway engineering; basically it is based on two-way ribbed plastic formwork, accounting for about 90%, and the rest is other plastic formwork.